Comms Room

Clover Technical Services is one of the UK’s leading companies in the field of communication room installations. We provide a full turnkey installation service, covering the initial project analysis and design, engineering, installation, and inspection. We also handle upgrades and additions to your existing comms room and modular buildings for businesses with limited space in their current premises. All this is provided by our elite team of experienced comms room engineers to deliver practical and effective solutions, whatever your particular requirements might be.

What Clover Technical Services Can Do for You

We assist our customers with every aspect of their comms room setup, delivering an end-to-end design and installation service that few others can match. These are just some of the applications that our experienced engineers can provide.

Turnkey Comms Room Installations

If you need a new comms room installed at your place of work, we provide a full turnkey service from start to finish. We will sit down with you to discuss your comms room needs and develop a solution that meets each of your specifications. Our experienced engineers will design and install the perfect communications room from scratch, unique to the needs of your business.

Modular Comms Rooms

If you do not have a suitable space on site for your comms room, we can build one for you. We design and create modular comms room buildings at our own purpose-built premises. These useful modular rooms provide a safe environment for your comms room equipment and have the added bonus that they can be moved, in their entirety, to a new site should the need arise.

Comms Room Upgrades and Additions

Not all our customers need a brand new comms room installation. Many simply require a suitable upgrade to their existing set-up—one that can handle their current data needs. With our decades of combined experience in the trade, we can work with most comms room equipment and make the changes you need.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Clover Technical Systems has developed its own fully tested environmental monitoring system, which we can install in comms rooms across the country. Designed with a powerful and versatile touch-screen control panel, this system ensures that any problems with your communications room are reported immediately via text messages and emails. This allows our technicians to perform any repairs before a system crash can take place.

Technical support

In addition to providing maintenance and inspection work for your comms room equipment, our team is also available for non-urgent technical queries. If you have any issues with your system, give our technical support team a call, and we will be able to walk you through the problem.

Project Management

All comms room installation and upgrade projects are led by our experienced contract engineers and site supervisors. They answer directly to our Contracts Manager and guarantee your project receives the attention it needs from start to finish. Their involvement ensures all projects are delivered on time and adhere to the required CDM safety standards.

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